Oct 9

If the discussion runs about cigarettes what brand comes to your mind? Among all known cigarette brands Marlboro is considered to be one of the most famous brands all over the world. The cigarettes of this brand are preferred both by men and women of various ages. Such huge popularity of Marlboro cigarettes goes back [...]

Apr 25

All people know red, small pack, with white line like an arrow, cut into the red, this is Marlboro packaging. Marlboro – the brand appeared at the beginning of last century, when a young entrepreneur Philip Morris opened cigarettes production factory. Initially, its tobacco products were intended for wealthy and self-confident women, cigarettes were placed [...]

May 17

The island of freedom, as they call Cuba for several centuries was a leader in the manufacture of tobacco. Despite the fact that tobacco cultivation first began in Haiti, the Cuban plantations developed rapidly and soon overtook its ancestor far and for a long time, becoming a number one “producer of tobacco” in the world’s. [...]

Mar 21

Philip Morris created Marlboro brand in 1924 as a women cigarettes brand. First Marlboro cigarettes were made from: paper painted in red around the filter to hide fingerprints lipstick (this was called “Beauty Tips to Keep the Paper from Your Lips”), filter and tobacco. Only in 1950, Philip Morris try to change Marlboro cigarettes. In [...]

Jul 1

The famous Marlboro Blue Ice got the name form a street in London , Marlborough . The brand was owned by Phillip Morris company , based at that time in UK and which further created its subsidiary, Phillip Morris USA, in the city of New York. The history of well known brand begins in 1847. [...]

Apr 8

Considering the smokers’ interest in low nicotine and tar products, Marlboro has launched the production of Marlboro Silver cigarettes. Previously they were marketed in USA as Marlboro Ultra Lights however in order to comply with new regulations prescribed by FDA in 2010, Phillip Morris had to re-brand all Marlboro cigarettes including Marlboro Ultra Lights as [...]

Apr 8

Marlboro Medium represents the most important new Marlboro brand packing in the past 20 years. Like every other leading product, Marlboro has a commitment to superior advertising, promotion and product quality. Moreover, like every other leading product, Marlboro cigarettes must be prepared to meet changing consumer preferences. So as smokers’ interest in low tar products [...]

Apr 8

Marlboro Gold is a lighter version of Marlboro Red cigarettes. It contains just 0,5 mg of nicotine and 6 mg of tar. Marlboro Gold is considered to be the most popular brand in the world, so called best seller of Phillip Morris products. This incredible popularity was achieved by light blended tobacco, super smooth taste, [...]

Apr 8

Marlboro Red is true American cigarettes which earn world recognition with their high quality and reasonable prices. Marlboro Red is considered to be the best seller of Phillip Morris products and is globally known as the premium brand of cigarettes. The cigarettes are quite strong. It contains 0,7-0,8 mg of nicotine and 9-10 mg of [...]

Apr 8

When it concerns smoking, Marlboro is the first brand that comes to mind. That doesn’t happen by accident. The popularity of these cigarettes is so high that every person regardless age and social status knows it. Initially Marlboro was targeted at female smokers however it has become really popular when Chicago advertiser Leo Burnett was [...]