Marlboro: Road To Success

If the discussion runs about cigarettes what brand comes to your mind? Among all known cigarette brands Marlboro is considered to be one of the most famous brands all over the world. The cigarettes of this brand are preferred both by men and women of various ages.

Such huge popularity of Marlboro cigarettes goes back into the past when the brand just began its road to success. At the beginning it was hardly possible to believe that Marlboro will become famous all over the world. Oriented on female circle of smokers Marlboro was considered a light cigarette.

But this campaign failed as the brand was taken off the market during the World War II. Only in 50′s it appeared at the market again just at the height of negative discourses about smoking. Being filtered cigarettes Marlboro has survived.

Moreover the brand was completely upgraded. New look, perfect taste and correct advertisement made Marlboro brand in the top of most sold cigarettes. At present time it remains one of the most preferred brands by smokers from various places of the world.