Marlboro ups and downs, “Red Filter” changes.

All people know red, small pack, with white line like an arrow, cut into the red, this is Marlboro packaging. Marlboro – the brand appeared at the beginning of last century, when a young entrepreneur Philip Morris opened cigarettes production factory. Initially, its tobacco products were intended for wealthy and self-confident women, cigarettes were placed in a stack of paper. First Marlboro cigarettes were mild (in comparison with other brands), had red filter that was invented especially for women, to hide traces of lipsticks on filter.

In those days female smoking was perceived very negatively in society, and such cigarettes were introduced only via efforts of women who fought with men for equal rights. However, despite the manufacturers and creative advertising assurances about the softness and femininity of Marlboro cigarettes, the brand didn’t enjoy much success. Because Marlboro cigarette sales in the middle of last century didn’t exceed 25% of the total sales of tobacco, brand manufacturers were forced think seriously about rebranding. They decided radically change brand focus and presented Marlboro cigarettes as a symbol of masculinity, risk, and thirst for adventure.

In 1954 was introduced the image of cowboy that expanded the range of brand cigarette consumers because he embodied the image of hero, and claimed that filter in cigarette doesn’t affect the taste of tobacco. Changes affect and the Marlboro cigarette package. Philip Morris was the first company that began to use «flip-top» package for cigarettes, this is a cardboard box with a flip lid, where cigarettes will not crumble. In the late 80′s, early 90′s Marlboro cigarette brand became one of the most popular brands all over the world.