The Freedom with a cigarette in mouth, or Cuban tobacco in Marlboro cigarette

The island of freedom, as they call Cuba for several centuries was a leader in the manufacture of tobacco. Despite the fact that tobacco cultivation first began in Haiti, the Cuban plantations developed rapidly and soon overtook its ancestor far and for a long time, becoming a number one “producer of tobacco” in the world’s. Ancestors of Cuban tobacco plantations, and later of tobacco factories, were the Spaniards who brought Cuban tobacco in the XVI century.

Actively engaged in selection and cultivation of tobacco, the Spaniards were able to cultivate lots of different varieties of tobacco, which were subsequently grown in the world and are now the foundation of all modern cigarettes. Manufacture of cigars and cigarettes, in Cuba was totally autonomous. Tobacco plants weren’t imported and sometimes grown over the fence of the same factory, the taste of products produced in Cuba and tofay is considered the best in the world.

This is not surprising. For example, in the main tobacco Cuban province Vuelta Abajo, the mold in which tobacco is grown, is up to sixty centimeters. In such a rich soil, natural tobacco will grow only qualitative. If you want to smoke a real Cuban tobacco, then choose the tobacco grown in the Pinar del Rio. This province in Cuba, is considered the pearl of the tobacco, so as soon as there grows the best tobacco in the world. The taste of tobacco grown in Cuba has its own distinctive flavor.

This flavor is described as a pronounced woody and musky flavor. This combination is very unusual and not found anywhere else in the world. The strength of Cuban tobacco is very high, so if you prefer to smoke something light, the Cuban tobacco is not for you. Your choice of stops on the lighter grades of tobacco. Today Cuban tobacco is sold worldwide and used by more that 50% of world famous brands, in production of tobacco blends for cigarettes in special by Marlboro brand. Marlboro cigarette brand is distinguished by their cigarette strength and incomparable taste of tobacco that isn’t possible to confuse with any other. Cuban tobacco is used by European brands of high-quality cigarettes in tobacco cigarette blends. It gives to cigarette a unique taste and pleasant smell.